Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kata - The Science of Proper Mechanics.

Trying something a little different. It seemed a more direct way of expressing what it is I am trying to say in this particular post and was much faster than just writing it out.
This is an unscripted video of thoughts off the cuff after training the concepts I talk about, just some thoughts on some more in-depth aspects that make even the most basic of things within Karate-Do that much more interesting and there is carryover, no matter what style or system a person studies they might, I hope, find something useful here.

The main points, Shin, Gi, Tai... Kata and Karate are about more than just fighting and, if done correctly and trained thoroughly, have health benefits stretching beyond violent confrontations in the street.
The fighting aspects are basic, the deeper stuff begins when one starts to look at even the slightest use of one single motion and, linking it all together, finds the truth in each portion followed by an understanding of the overall whole.

Most times, if you look at some of the videos online, they are often lacking in depth of motion, they never seem to touch upon these things.
There ARE exceptions... Bunkai is not just about how to apply something in a fight, but proper motion, proper focus, proper intent.