Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kihon Ido

Strive for nothing less than your best in everything you do and view everything as training, no excuses.
Some of the best Budo I learned was in my Sensei's kitchen at his old home in Lacey Washington, learning new recipes on the spot right before and right after Budo Shugyo Training.

Last night I was working on Kihon in my living room with weighted gloves and ankle weights, and the added weight of my youngest daughter clinging to my legs.
Even exhausted it is important to look at mechanics/form and strive for excellencein each repetition as though it were your first... and last.

This is not excluding adaptation to surroundings, and circumstance, which is an important piece of mechanics unto itself.
In this instance, space and my daughter were considerations.

One also has to take into account why they are training, their purpose.

Just some FYI.

The rest of my training was spent playing with my daughter.

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