Friday, February 19, 2016

Kime and Kata

The past is gone, the future has yet to arrive, settling here, with feet planted firmly...Still missing the old days, but those old days are always present and never cease.

Some get down on me for being 'The Kata Guy' because they feel Kata are impractical and non-applicable.
There are certainly many different ways to approach things as well as many different perspectives each individual brings to the party... Some bring more perspective than others.
In any case I am reminded that the only Zen you find on the Mountain is the Zen you bring with you... What is the Mountain actually saying that we cannot hear over our own voices (mine especially included for me)?

Gary Gabelhouse says that Kata actually means vessel... Is that referring to the external pattern, or to ourselves?
My Sensei pointed out an individuals lossof Kime in a video and I took this as alesson for myself.
Kime has peaks and troughs, but should never cease.

Combatives are really only a surface aspect of Kata, a gateway inwards to break ourselves down (Bunkai) as we go.
Learning correct movement, how to use it effectively, this is Kihon.

My Sensei also stated that an element missing from Karate is understanding anatomy.
This is true on so many levels and explains a lot of bogus Applications and the reason many are put off by Kata... More on that some other time as there is plenty to go over here.

Thank you Sensei.

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