Saturday, August 8, 2015

Opening The Gate.

Welcome to 'Keeping One Point,' the new direction of what was once known as 'The Dojo Floor' which is the result of several realizations after listening to an Interview with Shihan John Roseberry and thinking really deeply about the direction of my Practice and my life.
The answers, as always, are on the Dojo Floor, but here you will find reflections of that journey, renewed and re-awakened from the perspective of an eternal beginner.

There is quite a bit of soul-searching each of us should do, every single day is a test, and how we live and grow depends on how we take each step on the path before us.
Karate is certainly about more than just punching and kicking and in order to find the true Spirit of it we have to dig a little deeper into ourselves.

My Teacher Michael Dascenzo used to end his personal messages in a very specific way...

In Gassho,


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