Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Kiai of a Moment.

The ability to maintain 'One Point' does not end with the ending of a Kata or after however many breaths, it continues and should be present in ALL motion AND stillness.
A continuous Kiai that goes beyond the audible 'shout' at set points within the Kata or on the count of ten during line-training, but pure and raw when all aspects are present and honed to 'One Pointed' power which cannot be mistaken, let alone faked.

There have only been a handful of times in which I have felt this type of 'Kiai' from another person and even becoming aware of this feeling I can say that I do not truly understand it in any really meaningful way.
You can see it on the calm face of a fighter about to step in the ring and KNOW in that instant who is going to win the match, but you can also feel it in silence, in an empty room that just resonates so deeply it changes you to the very core.
These words do not even come close to doing this thing justice.

How do we develop this within ourselves? Do we need to stand for hours without moving or thinking beyond our point of focus? Do we need to aggressively pursue Hojo Undo or Taisho Daruma? Do we need to hone our each and every technique to a point of laser precision? All of these above??
Are these things just by-products of the thing itself, or does it really have nothing to do with any of these??

We used to talk a lot about the 'Kiai' of a place or the 'Kiai' of a person, Dascenzo Sensei and I, which really brought the meaning of 'Kiai' into focus, beyond a simple exercise of yelling really loud.
What does it mean when you walk into a place and just feel grounded, or when you see the movement of a person that just seems to resonate with something far greater and seems to carry more 'mass' than is at first apparent??
Have you ever felt such a thing linger??

Again, most might dismiss this as nothing more than silly Mysticism, and that is fine, they may or may not utilize different words and ideas to describe the exact same thing... The words are as unimportant as the notions they also carry.
For me there is no denying, but I cannot truly convey in words, nor do I believe words of any kind can truly convey such a thing and there is still a long way to go before I am even capable of demonstrating this sort of thing myself.

Maybe one step is for each of us to take some time to stop and appreciate the space we are in, maybe we can get a taste of it, or maybe this is a completely backwards approach??
Another way may be to stop, watch, and listen to our Teachers, to feel what it is they are doing rather than merely seeing it, to hear what they are saying so there is some point of reference, and then to rework this experience into our own movements and see what happens??
This would necessarily require that we cease overthinking, that we stop trying to put in anything extra, that we seek to truly understand without trying to 'have our say' as the ego tends to have a lot to say and does not listen well.
Through this it may be possible to experience this thing and if the Teacher really is 'Present' it will be felt without question, there will be no mistaking it.

Maybe we have learned something from this and can allow it to sink in? Then again, what do I really know about it to begin with?? Ask your Sensei and try it for yourself, I know I will.

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